The Management Team is voted by the community once a year at the Annual General Meeting and they are members of our community including parents, grandparents and residents. All have unique talents which contribute to effective governance of Brockman House Inc. These Management Members represent the community interests and the constitution of the Association.

Management Board Members meet bi-monthly at the Centre for the regular Board Meetings and are guided in the decision making process by staff, when necessary. Creche is available at every meeting. It’s an informal, fun way to be an active part of our community and contribute something meaningful to our community. All Management members have access to free and subsidised training as well. This is a fantastic opportunity!

Brockman House Inc. needs a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 13 Board members in order to stay open. To nominate yourself for the Management Board, please come into the Centre for a form. All Board members must be members of the Association. Membership is $10 per annum. Alternatively, please feel welcome to attend a meeting and have the opportunity to have your say. All are welcome!

Brockman Community House Management Board  2020-21

  • President – Jennifer Burnside
  • Vice President – Jessica Nuich
  • Treasurer – Win Marlar Singh
  • Secretary – Madeleine Sturgeon-eustace
  • Member – Claire Grek
  • Member – Shelley Mclean

Members of our community who have served on the Management Committee in the past – Rebecca Klomp; Mel Wright; Ky-lee Owen; Rachele Roberts; Karen Giblett; Linda Griffiths; Emillie O’Keefe; Glenn Shoosmith; Jenny Cooper; Chisty Boxsell: Wayne Stone; Justin Prince; Courtney Daly; Chantal Siney; Peter Veenhoven; Shannon Barrett; Susan Bawden; Natalie Bracegirdle; Peter Bracegirdle; Monique Bray; Debra Brumby; Sharyn Cable; Lee Chilvers; Diane Christie-Maguire; Susan Danks; Nok DeLeon; Toni Dixon; Greg Doherty; Shondelle Donnetta; Fiona Duffield; Yvonne Duffield; Kim Fernandez; Rob Fernandez; Renee Fleay; Rebecca Gallagher; Kim Hatherley; Dennis Holliday; Corrinne Hurst; Rachel Jamieson; Lisa Holmes; Linda Laycock; Glenda Maddison; Leonie Mattock; Jodie Maringoni; Jason McDowell; Gary McNess; Faye Milentis; Donna Morgan; Julie Saunders; Ruth Seto; Herald Shehu; Siew Lin Shim; Belinda Sleap; Justine Stevens; Tracey Stocks; Lisa Tarnowski; Karen Tiedtke; Daina Trew; Rhonda Tobin; Mike Tucker; Clare Van Santen; Jodie VanSlochteren; Karen Versari; Sam Warner; Pam Watt; Di Welch; Kathryn Wild; Vicki Wilson; Christine Wood; Kirsty Young; Marisa Potter; Cameron Brent-White; Angela Zurakowski.

Inaugural Chairperson, 1986 – Vicki Grant

This list is not complete. If you can add to it, we would love to hear from you. Please phone Reception on 9279-1588 or email us at Thankyou.